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Beau Monde's Mineral Makeup Collection is sourced from nature and fused with science to protect, correct and beautify skin without irritation. Minerals provide a natural, chemical-free sunblock, shielding skin against damaging ultra-violet light. Their powerful, light-reflective properties make flaws and imperfections practically invisible. Virtually weightless, our Mineral Makeup Collection allows skin to "breathe" freely while shielding skin against age aggressors. Every cosmetic product is free of fragrance, oil, talc, dyes, heavy fillers and pore-clogging ingredients. Beau Monde Mineral Makeup is the perfect choice for individuals who suffer from chronic skin conditions. Endorsed by leading cosmetic dermatologists and estheticians.

With products made in New York, France and Germany, you can be confident that we only use the highest quality ingredients. Our products are heavily regulated by European Guidelines ensuring that our customers will always receive the safest products possible free of parabens and other harmful ingredients. Beau Monde Cosmetics is against animal testing.